GEA Group Welding Seam Machine

The machine custome made for GEA GROUP to meet Environmental protection requirements reduce noice,reduce noise pollution


Machine high 2.4m,width7.8m,thick 3m.Including machine main part,planishing head,two sets polishing head,feeding system,Clamping system,cabinet,dust collector and hydraulic system
Firstly ,put workpieces on feeding system,and move to planish head,Clamping workpieces.start plansihing head.after planishing welding seam,start up grinding head, and then release clamping system.and move workpices to under grinding head,Clamping workpieces and Gridning under welding seam.

2.Bottom rigidity

According to the analysis of the stress deformation of the steel structure beam bending deformation。
M:Normal bending stress of steel beam,σ:Steel stress (can be found in the table)WThe section convention of steel beams,cylinder pressure is 98KN. m          112.8KNm>98KN.m