Industrial tank & dish head polishing machine

Item No.: JT-CZJ
Min.Order Quantity:
1 Piece
Supply Ability:
10 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms:
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By rubbing the surface of the workpiece with the abrasive belt or the polishing wheel, the inner and outer surfaces of the head and the weld bead can be ground and polished to improve the surface roughness of the workpiece. One end of the beam is equipped with a small column for walking up and down, which is stable in operation and precise in control. When the polishing operation is performed, the main beam does not run up and down. The whole process is used to track the constant pressure (pneumatic) grinding head grinding technology to achieve internal and external grinding and polishing of the tank body (head).


Technical Parameters
Outer Dimension 4500*1500*5800 mm
Machine Weight 5000 kg
Input Power 12 kw
Precision Ra ≤ 0.25 μm (mirror finished)
Work Piece Size 300 - 3000 mm
Efficiency 8-14 square meters per hour
Polishing Material Abrasive belt,Flap wheel,Cloth wheel
Frequency Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation


Product Features

1. Machinery: The main structure is a profile welded structural part. The column and the working arm are tempered after welding and then finished to ensure high precision requirements. All shaft parts (including shaft pins) are tempered.

2. There are four tooling support beams arranged under the turntable of the tank head. The load distribution beam is distributed in 900. The heavy-duty gear reducer and the low-speed motor further increase the working torque. The length above the turntable can meet the clamping requirements of workpieces with a diameter of 600-3000mm. It is equipped with a cylinder and a head sharing tool.

3. The lifting of the working arm adopts the turbine-vortex reducer and the sprocket, and the chain mechanism drives. Through the use of the counterweight, the lifting operation is stable, the vibration is small, and the mechanical wear is not easy. Since the reducer has a certain self-locking property, and the lift motor uses a brake motor, the work arm can be stopped and locked by lifting it to any position.

4. The working arm telescopic adopts the method of vortex-turbine transmission and gear rack walking, with high precision and good stability. The speed adjustment is realized by the frequency converter, and has the advantages of smooth transmission and large shift range: the working arm is lifted and telescoped, and the limit position is provided with limit switches, and the forced limit is ensured to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.