Round pipe surface grinding polishing machine

Item No.: 4
Min. Quantité de commande:
1 pièce
Capacité d'approvisionnement:
10 morceaux / morceaux par mois
Modalités de paiement:
L / C, T / T
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Product Features

1.The round tube polishing machine has high efficiency, good finish, and extensive and durable abrasive tools.

2. The machine has simple and convenient operation, stable product performance and low noise, etc., which are well received by users. The product is designed to meet the needs of different industries using optional cooling systems and dust collection and dedusting systems. Users who reserve fan ports on this machine can also install dust removal fans by themselves.

3. The rotation of the guide wheel of the machine adopts the stepless speed regulation mode, which can better meet the grinding or polishing of workpieces of different diameters and different lengths. Because the guide wheel rotation of the machine adopts the stepless speed regulation mode, the workpiece is more efficient, the finish is better, and the abrasive consumables are widely and durable.