Tank internal polishing machine

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Min.Order Quantity:
1 Piece
Supply Ability:
10 Piece/Pieces per Month
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L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,Money Gram
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This machine is suitable for all kinds of steel tanks,industrial tanks/vessels to polish the inside and outside of cylinder and also used to polish the inside and outside,surface finish of pressure vessels and industrial container and the circumferential weld processing. The tank polishing machine is extensive apply for the polishing of work piece in the range of medical, chemical, enviromental purification,food and beverage,water filtration etc.

Specification of grinding and polishing machine
Outer Dimension 3500*1500*3080 mm
Machine Weight 2200 kg
Input Power 8 KW
Control System PLC/CNC
Polishing Materials Abrasive belt,Flap wheel,Cloth wheel,etc.
Patent No. 201120122490.4
Note Our products all Non-Standard Customization
Specifications of Work Pieces
Work Piece Size Tank/Vessel/Cylinder Diameter 400 - 5000 mm
Max Length 6000 mm
Max Weight 10 T
Dish End/Tank Head Diameter 400 - 5000 mm
Depth 2500 mm
Max Weight 10 T
Material stainless steel,aluminium alloy,carbon steel,etc.
Surface Roughness Ra ≤ 0.4 μm (Mirror Finished)
Product Efficiency 6 - 12 square meters per hour


Product Features

1. Grinding with abrasive belt, high efficiency, low noise and less dust.

2. Since the surface roughness is reduced after the abrasive belt is used, it can be reused. In grinding with a slightly higher level of abrasive belt, the cost is correspondingly reduced.

3. The workpiece rotation and lateral feed are variable frequency stepless speed regulation to further improve work efficiency.

4. The whole process of air pressure floating tracking grinding head grinding technology can solve the phenomenon that the roundness of the tank is not uniform and the high point is excessively polished, and the low point is not polished, so that the polished workpiece has good consistency. .

5. The use of 2540*120mm abrasive belt improves the grinding efficiency and prolongs the life of the belt.