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Welding seam grinding machine solutions

Weld Seams Grinding Machine For Sheet Plate
Function: polish and grinding for vessel welding seam and plate
Model JT-XTC-50 JT-XTC-75 JT-XTC-100
Motor power 4KW
Motor rotate speed 2800r/min
Belt line speed 44m/s 22m/s 22m/s
Belt size 2100*50mm 2100*75mm 2100*100mm
Grinding wheel size 300*62*50mm 200*62*75mm 250*62*100mm
Motor wheel size 220*28*50mm 150*28*50 150*28*50
Machine size 100*500*800mm(L*W*H)
Machine net weight 95kg 97kg 100kg
Application Grinding,polishing Brushing,rust removing


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