Revolutionizing Tank Body Finishing with CNC Grinding Machines

2024-03-03 10:03:41

Introducing a game-changer in tank body polishing – the CNC Grinding Machine. Equipped with a Siemens CNC control system, this cutting-edge technology offers an automated, precision-driven solution for achieving flawless polishing results. Let’s delve into the features and specifications that make this machine a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of surface finishing.


CNC polishing machine for sheet metal

 Automated Perfection with Siemens CNC Control


The CNC Grinding Machine operates in full automation mode, leveraging the advanced Siemens CNC controller to define starting and ending positions for a seamless polishing process. This level of automation ensures precision and consistency in the polishing of both tank shells and dished heads, revolutionizing the efficiency and quality of surface finishing tasks.


 Versatile Polishing Capabilities


With the ability to polish both the inside and outside surfaces of tank bodies, the CNC Grinding Machine offers unparalleled versatility. Featuring a double grinding head – one dedicated to tank shells and the other to dished heads – this machine guarantees a comprehensive and uniform polishing experience. Whether aiming for a matte, bright, or mirror-like finish, the CNC Grinding Machine delivers exceptional results across all surface types.


 Efficiency and Flexibility in Operations


The CNC Grinding Machine operates at a high efficiency rate, capable of covering 10-12 square meters per hour without compromising on surface quality. With the option to interchange between belt and flap wheel attachments, operators can adapt the machine to suit specific polishing requirements, further enhancing its flexibility and usability for diverse applications.


 Consistent Excellence in Surface Finish


One of the standout features of the CNC Grinding Machine is its ability to deliver the best surface consistency across tank bodies. By harnessing the power of servo motors for grinding and boom movements, this machine ensures that each polishing task results in a flawless finish, meeting the highest standards of quality and precision.


 Machine Specifications


– Grinding Motor Power:

– Servo Motor Power:

– Boom Moving Distance:

– Column Lift Stroke:


In conclusion, the CNC Grinding Machine represents a paradigm shift in tank body surface finishing, offering a blend of automation, precision, and efficiency like never before. With its state-of-the-art features and capabilities, this machine sets a new standard for achieving impeccable surface finishes on tank shells and dished heads. Experience the future of surface polishing with the CNC Grinding Machine – where excellence is automated and consistency is guaranteed.

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