What are the different types of polishing system?

2023-06-28 12:06:22

What are the different types of polishing system?

We have three types of polishing system for meeting customer requirements.

No 1:CNC polishing system: it is full automatic type with Siemens CNC controller.Through setting starting and ending position to achieve automatic polishing job.

         Engineer set up program into controller,like polishing speed,polishing pressure,workpiece turntable speed.It will automatic running and stopping when machine start working.

         Also with manual mode function,customer can adjust correct position through manual mode.The advantage of CNC polishing system is to improve production capacity,

         it can be mass production with high efficiency and best surface results.

No 2:Semi-automatic polishing system: it is with simple plc controller .Need worker to look machine working situation and close machine when polishing job done.It is  easy to operate 

           with low cost.

No.3: Manual polishing system: It is economic and low cost type. Surely it is high efficiency than polishing by hand. Easy operate to press some button.

cnc polishing machine  manual polishing machine

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